ROCKY, the indomitable man

Many of us living in Philly are very familiar with the Rocky statue at the Art Museum.  Look closely at this picture (double click to enlarge the picture),  and you will see a long line of people waiting to get their picture taken with the Rocky statue. When people come to Philly there are a few things that they love to see: Independence hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Rocky statue.  They run up the stairs of the art museum, then once at the top, jump up and down with their arms thrown in the air in a victorious salute! 
 Why would the Rocky statue be on the list? 
                    Why the long line?

The Rocky statue is a tangible object of something that comes from deep within us all. When looking at the statue we realize the greater underlying meaning. . . In Rocky III the statue is first presented to Philly with the thought, "A person who defies odds and logic and fulfills an incredible dream." The statue stands, "as a celebration to the indomitable SPIRIT OF MAN." A strength that lies in each of us, saying we can do it! And deep down we all believe this to be true, YES we  have incredible strength and drive inside us all!