Mt Hood- 11,250 feet

June 2015, Radiating Hope climbers made it to the top of Mt. Hood, 11,250 feet, the highest mountain in Oregon. 

We elected to take a route called the 'Old Chute'. This route is a variation on the South Side Hogsback route that ascends through the Pearly Gates. In the last two years, the Hogsback has been moving further left, due to climate change resulting in an enormous crevasse opening up on the Hogsback.

The route is about the same difficulty level as the Hogsback/Pearly Gates route but longer with a bit more exposure. It averages around 40-45 degrees, maybe give or take 5 degrees. A fall on the traverse could possibly end up with you in a fumarole. The traverse over to the true summit is also an exposed knife edge in one spot. This was such a beautiful climb, from the summit we could see Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and onward. Keep climbing!! 

Gannett Peak

If a poll is given to the general public asking what the highest peak in Wyoming is, chances are that if any guess is taken the most common answer would be the widely famous and picturesque Grand Teton. Although much more famous than the true Wyoming state highpoint, Grand Teton is actually shorter by a mere 34' elevation. In reality, the highest point in Wyoming is actually Gannett Peak (13804'), a massive and remote summit located in the Wind River Range nearly 70 miles southeast of Grand Teton. 

Any summit attempt of Gannett Peak requires a wide variety of mountaineering skills. Considered as one of the most difficult state highpoints, the only other state highpoints that either rival or exceed its technical difficulty are Denali (Alaska), Mount Rainier (Washington), and Granite Peak (Montana). It is debatable whether or not the latter two are actually more difficult than Gannett Peak, depending on experience, skills, weather, and conditions.

Our team climbed Gannett Peak over a 3 day period, reaching it's summit a clear and beautiful day!!

Mt. Denali 2015- - 21 days in the Arctic

The summit of Mt Denali stands at 20,320 feet.  The Radiating Hope team first climbed Mt Denali in 2014 and successfully reached the summit. We were, however, missing one person on our climbing team, who just recently, in 2015, ventured out to reach the top of North America. After 21 days of arctic cold, blizzard, and everything else Denali had to throw at the team, Larry and his team (team tenacity) successfully made it to the top of North America.

RadHope ACRO 5K

Radiating Hope  has hosted a 5K  race at the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) annual meeting for the last 5 years. The race has been a huge success, raising thousands to support cancer care in developing countries.  Several participants have run in honor of cancer patients, carrying Radiating Hope Tibetan prayers flags in their honor

Location: This event will take place at the  Arlington, VA, starting from the Hyatt, site of the ACRO annual meeting.
Cost: $35.00, includes a t-shirt if registered by May 1st, 2015 

Mount Kosciusko

March 10, 2015 we summited Mt Kosciusko in Australia.  We now only have 2 of the seven summits remaining! This is by far the easiest of the seven summits and the only one we summited in shorts and the only one that took just a day to complete, other than all the travel needed to get to the land down under. We set out for the summit early, under perfect skies, we hiked and jogged our way to the summit having the entire mountain to ourselves. As the highest peak in Australia at 7300' it was nice to have a easy stroll for one of the 7 summits. . . We again fly the flags  high in your honor!! 

Kilimanjaro 2015: Helping Kili Cancer

Kilimanjaro 2015- This year we had 100% of our climbers reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,341 feet. This was an 8 day journey to the rooftop of Africa. This is the fourth time Radiating Hope has been on Kilimanjaro.  The purpose of this annual climb is, as Dr. Larry Daugherty stated, "We're building a cancer center in East Africa because we believe that dignity and hope aren't western commodities reserved for the global elite; they are human rights that should be made available to all." One of our climbers, Colby Thackery, reached the all-time fundraising record!! Colby is Incredible!! Colby climbed in honor of his mom, carrying her prayer flag to the summit! After coming off the summit he said, "Top of Kili . . . . hardest thing I've ever done. BY FAR! Wanted to stop a number of times after 18000' but my mom never stopped. So that wasn't an option. Literally had a hard time at the top putting one foot in front of the other"

Ride to the Farm

Ride to the Farm is a 'bike a thon' which will raise money to advance cancer care in developing countries. The ride will take place on May 30th, 2015. Location, time, distance, and cost on the registration page.  Register today!